War and Conflict

“War is nothing but the continuance of policy with other means” Carl von Clausewitz

This survey course on War and Conflict has four overarching objectives. First, students will develop a clear understanding of the relationship between the state and warfare. Students will be exposed to a variety of conceptual approaches about how interstate war is waged and studied. The second objective is to introduce students to other major forms of conflict from civil war to military humanitarian interventions.

The third objective is to explore major cases in interstate war and conflict. Students will learn not only how past decision makers have responded to these events, but also explore how these events continue to have an impact on the way that policymakers approach issues today. The fourth and final objective is to put ourselves in the shoes of policymakers. We will accomplish this goal in a number of ways, including mimicking policy maker discussions, writing policy briefs, and case study work.

Most Recently Taught: Spring 2017